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Oh Yes, Me, My Dreams Are Coming True

https://youtu.be/6I9k2WYSHUM Unleashing the Power of Manifestation: A Turquoise Transformation Introducing and delivering you a revolutionary approach to manifestation that goes beyond traditional practices. If you’ve

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The Power of Joy

Unleashing the Power Within: A Guide to Joyful Living Here, we will embark on a profound exploration into the art of refilling ourselves with joy—an

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healing our trauma

Healing Our Traumas

Unveiling the Path to Inner Healing: A Conversation with Trauma Expert Gurds Hundal In this enlightening podcast episode, we dive into the transformative world of

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Spiritual Tips for 2024

Embracing 2024: Four Tips for Spiritual Evolution and Power Retrieval As we approach the promising dawn of 2024, it’s essential to gear up for a

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power of intention

Power of Intention

Intentions in Action: Your Key to Inner Power In this episode, let’s delve into a topic that can revolutionize your life – the transformative power

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no mistake is too big

No Mistake Is Too Big

Own Your Mistakes: How to Bounce Back and Feel Powerful Again In the journey of life, we often find ourselves haunted by past mistakes, burdened

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let love in

Let Love In

Feeling the Love: A Guide to Finding Your Inner Power Let love in as we explore the profound concept of embracing its power. Mary guides

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What Do You Need Next In Life?

Reclaiming Your Power: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Transformation In this episode, we will be asking ourself this very important question: What do you need

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Reclaiming Your Power in Relationship

Reclaiming Your Relationship Power: Finding Balance and Happiness Today, we will be discussing the concept of reclaiming your power in relationships. Sometimes, our relationships with

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stop fear take control

Stop Letting Fear Take Control

Reclaiming Your Personal Power: Overcoming Fear and Embracing Love In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon to feel as though fear has taken control of

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What People Say

Mary guided me through situations with such patience and guidance. She also helped me with cutting energetic chords and letting go of old wounds/past hurt through light meditations and breathing exercises.
With Mary’s meditations, it is an adventure of beauty and magic and peace and power. Mary describes colors and textures and sensations that take your mind soaring and you don’t even realize that your body is responding with happy relaxation.
I received a personal meditation and let me tell you it was AMAZING! I am going through a big transition in my life and wrote that I was seeking guidance. I went into detail about my situation and Mary came back with a personalized meditation for me. Highly recommend if you want a meditation that caters towards your current life needs!
I can't say enough about Mary. She is the real deal. With me running a movie and television company, I was overwhelmed with life and was feeling drained. Not to mentioned the continuous fight of every day life, I was done. I had nothing else to give, and it felt like the forces were even trying to take that too. But after using Mary's services instantly my life turned around for the better. I am still in shocked with how my life changed and how I don't feel the negativity and burdens that I use to feel. Im only a few days in but I can't wait to see how my life has progress in the coming weeks and months as I put into practice the things that she has taught me so far.
carl jackson
Carl Jackson
I had a session with Mary for my power retrieval Wow! She is amazing, I was kind of stuck with a few issues in my life my first session really brought our issues into a new light. It has given me a step up in my own mind and how to deal with them and the way I handle/deal with others involved. Still working on it and I'm looking forward to my next session .Thank you Mary
Ellen Coleman-Germano

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I Love every particle of my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self unconditionally. And I am willing to experience the balance between all the bodies of my vessel.

 ~12 Archangels~

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