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Mary’s high vibrational tools will help you reclaim your personal power. 

Powerful Meditation Candles

Complete your journey with these bright meditation candles. Start and end your day with overflowing love, joy, and inner peace.

These reiki charged candles are made for self love, healing, forgiveness, and personal power. Open the door to create personal miracles and successes in your daily life!

Light your candle, relax, and listen. 

Each candle comes with a guided meditation.

self healing

Self Healing Kits

Mary’s spiritual healing kits bring you to a whole new level of holistic relieve and allow yourself to create a clean slate.

Once you’re free from the past, you will be in awe at the new opportunities and miracles that appear in your life.

Energy Cleansing Kits

You won’t find a more natural way to boost your energy and improve your mood than with the Mary’s energy cleansing tools.

A combination of candles, crystals and essential oils, these are designed to help you overcome stress, remove negative energies, and raise your vibration for meditation, manifestation, wellness, and self-healing.

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I Love every particle of my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self unconditionally. And I am willing to experience the balance between all the bodies of my vessel.

~12 Archangels~

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