“Get Ready to Activate Your Heart and Ignite Your Willpower with Mary!”

“Elevate Your Life with Mary’s Sessions! Unlock self-awareness, conquer limiting beliefs, and break free from emotional and psychological barriers. Reclaim your inner strength, wisdom, and purpose. Discover that willpower and heart power are the keys to success. Let Mary and her team of Healers In Heaven help you Retrieve Your Personal Power!”

Power Retrieve Session Activate Your Heart Power!

power retrieval sessions with mary armendarez

Unlock Your Heart and Will Power!

Guided by a team of Angelic Guides, we will help you unlock and rejuvenate your inner strength. Discover the art of reclaiming your personal power, boosting your confidence, honing your intuition, and unleashing your manifesting potential

This session spans 60 minutes

Personalized Meditation Exclusively for Made For You!

Are you motivated to reshape your life’s path?

Secure a tailor-made meditation crafted exclusively to guide you toward your desired quality of life. Mary’s meditation techniques are meticulously tailored to address your specific requirements. This meditation is particularly beneficial for individuals navigating challenges and aspiring to elevate their spiritual journey.

Co-Create Your Personalized Meditation: Unleash Transformation!

Custom Meditation: Tailored for You with Mary

Engage in a Collaborative Process with Mary to Craft Your Own Customized Meditation. Grant yourself the ultimate gift through this co-created experience, tailored entirely to your distinct requirements, wishes, and aspirations.

This session spans 30 minutes.

Activate Your Soul Power With This Session!

soul power activation

Soul Power Activation Session: Ignite Your Inner Light

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our exclusive Soul Power Activation Session! Immerse yourself in a transformative experience designed to activate the brilliance of your mind, heart, and soul, setting the stage for a harmonious and empowered life.

This session spans 45 minutes.

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I release any anger, fear, self blame and self punishment that I am carrying in my vessel.  I release it to you mother earth and I allow this energy to flow down to you and be transformed into love. Thank you Mother Earth for loving me unconditionally.

~ Mary Armendarez~

Welcome to Power Retrieval!

Join us for deep discussions on spiritual transformation. Host Mary Armendarez, along with inspiring guests, explores rising from rock bottom, reclaiming power, and embracing growth.

Mary will generously share personal experiences and guide us through healing meditations. Subscribe to Power Retrieval for the latest releases. Share, review, and rate us on your favorite platform. Let’s rise, reclaim our power and explore spiritual empowerment together! 

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