Create Your Sacred Space!

Elevate your spiritual haven through the creation of a sacred space where the blessings of angels and divine love abound. Mary’s Four Earth Elements Deck is meticulously crafted to facilitate a serene atmosphere for meditation and prayer. This cherished gift awaits you upon making a donation. 

Donate and Receive

Embrace a transformative journey as you donate and receive in return. This is your opportunity to not only contribute but also to be enriched. Your generous donation opens the door to receiving something special in return. It’s a chance to create a positive impact while also enjoying the rewards that come your way. Your act of giving sets a powerful cycle in motion – a cycle of generosity, positivity, and meaningful returns. So, donate and receive, and let this cycle of goodwill and abundance flourish.

Five earth element cards

Step into a world of wonder with the exquisite 5 Earth Elements Tarot Deck, a treasure trove of cards that elegantly embody Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Ether. This enchanting deck is a profound tool, inviting you to elevate your consciousness and forge a profound connection with both the Archangels and the Divine Love that surround us. Set up your own sacred space, and let the magic of this deck guide you towards deeper insights and spiritual revelations.

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Join us for deep discussions on spiritual transformation. Host Mary Armendarez, along with inspiring guests, explores rising from rock bottom, reclaiming power, and embracing growth.

Mary will generously share personal experiences and guide us through healing meditations. Subscribe to Power Retrieval for the latest releases. Share, review, and rate us on your favorite platform. Let’s rise, reclaim our power and explore spiritual empowerment together! 

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