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Mary will help you retrieve your personal power, so you may achieve mental, physical, and spiritual happiness in your daily life.

Throughout her career, Mary has spoken at numerous conferences, including the Conscious Life Expo and New Living Expo and her self-healing products have been featured in Nordstrom. Mary has been featured in many magazines around the country and you can always find Mary on YouTube, sharing new guided meditations and healing techniques.

Mary remains dedicated to helping others better themselves and continues to teach, utilizing Power-retrieval techniques and her personal guided meditations.

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Join us for deep discussions on spiritual transformation. Host Mary Armendarez, along with inspiring guests, explores rising from rock bottom, reclaiming power, and embracing growth.

Mary will generously share personal experiences and guide us through healing meditations. Subscribe to Power Retrieval for the latest releases. Share, review, and rate us on your favorite platform. Let’s rise, reclaim our power and explore spiritual empowerment together! 

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