the power of choice and free will

The Power Of Choice ~ Free Will

Power Retrieval
Power Retrieval
The Power Of Choice ~ Free Will

Think of the power of choice – free will as a superpower.

And you haven’t tapped this power that’s just right at your fingertips. In the podcast episode titled “The Power Of Choice ~ Free Will,” the focus is on the profound impact of free will on shaping our destinies and pursuing our heart’s desires. Mary Armendarez discusses how the ability to make choices empowers us to strive for the greater good and emphasizes the importance of avoiding actions that do not align with our sense of well-being.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand The Power of Free Will – your free will operate in two different frequencies – the good vibes and the flip side.
  2.  Aligning with Your Higher Self  – if the choice doesn’t make you feel good, don’t do it.
  3.  Consequences of Choices – if it’s a bad choice, you’re gonna feel it.

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Personal Advice: 

As an expert in this niche, my personal advice is to make self-reflection a daily practice. It’s a powerful tool for understanding your inner motivations and gaining the confidence to pursue your dreams. Remember, your validation comes from within; believe in yourself, and you’ll achieve incredible things.

Creator Bio: 

Mary Armendarez is a true beacon of healing intuition, a motivational force, and a power retrieval coach. Her YouTube channel, “Power Retrieval Podcasts,” has inspired many with its powerful messages of self-empowerment and personal growth. Subscribe to Mary’s channel here and start your healing journey.

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